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The Fundamentals

Pick Your Passion
Individual Factors
The Power of Patience
The Endless Search
Observations From The Gym


Interview via Expanderkrank
Interview via Athlete Go
Interview via Grapplers Paradise
Interview via LiveFitter
Interview via Physical Living
Interview via Rich Eats
Interview via Simple Strength
Interview via Ordinary Joe

Highlight Videos

The World Is Your Gym
Hungry - Training Compilation
Winter Conditioning
Jump Rope and Hill Sprint Conditioning
Let It Burn - Training Compilation
2013 Motivation - Training Compilation
Words of Wisdom - Training Compilation

Training Philosophy Discussions

More lengthy discussions
Pick People Up, Don't Put Them Down
Addressing Common Training Questions
Decide For Yourself
Identify and Correct Potential Distractions
Real Results Take Time
Mental Focus - Endurance vs. Strength
Focus On The Task At Hand
What's The Point? (Triple Unders)

Video Tutorials and Demos

Exercise and equipment tutorials and demos
Inexpensive Jump Rope Training
Core Training With A Wood Dolly
Core Training Pushup Variation
A Comparison of Jump Rope Techniques - Part 2
A Comparison of Jump Rope Techniques
Jumping Rope on Pavement
Office Chair Core Training
Variety Can Be Subtle
Creativity Is Yours
Doorway Pull-up Handle Longevity
Thinking Outside The Box
Hand Warm-up With Pushups
Neck Training With Resistance Bands
More Manila Rope Exercises
Rope Climbing Alternatives
Homemade Finger Exerciser
Outdoor Sledgehammer Station
Homemade Double Wheel Demonstration
Barbell Rollout Variations
Slider Exercise Tutorial Update
Standing Ab Wheel Rollouts - Form Clarification
Simple Drills For Coordination Development
Homemade Water Ball
Homemade Dragging Sled
DIY Handstand Pushup Handles
Homemade Gymnastic Rings
Low-Tech Hamstring Training With Bands
Jump Rope Training With Weighted Handles
Doorway Pull-up Handles
Attaching Weight To The Ankles
Triple Clap Pushups
One Arm Standing Rollouts
T-Handle Exercise Tutorial
Isometric Training Device
Jump Rope Training - Handle Modification
"Sandbag" Training With Rubber Mulch
Dips and Pull-ups - Homemade Belt
Tractor Tire Workouts - Finding and Using
DIY Resistance Band Handles
Suspended Wrist Roller Tutorial
Slider Exercise Tutorial
Homemade Suspension Trainer
Suspension Trainer Update - Slipping Straps
Band Assisted Pull-ups and More
Standing Ab Wheel Rollout Tutorial
Hamstring Exercise Tutorial

Video Based Articles

All articles in this section include videos
RossTraining Compilation II
RossTraining Compilation
Hardcore Training
Budget Training
The Home Gym
Video Clip Logic

Equipment Based Articles

Inexpensive Speed Bag Platform - (Video Included)
Homemade Hamstring Device - (Video Included)
Standing Wheel Rollout Progressions - (Video Included)
Homemade Medicine Ball With Tire Rebounder - (Video Included)
Handstand Pushup Handles
Core Training and More With DIY Gliders - (Video Included)
Softball Grip Pull-ups
Homemade Suspension Trainer - Older version - (Video Included)
Barbell Rollouts - (Video Included)
Inexpensive Sandbag Loading Platform - (Video Included)
Homemade Tornado Ball - (Video Included)
Homemade T-handle For Swings - (Video Included)
The Homemade Wheel - (Video Included)
Jump Rope Training - Part II - (Video Included)
Jump Rope Training - (Video Included)
The Water Ball
Finding A Tire To Flip
The Sandbag Construction Kit
Customizing Your Medicine Ball
Sledgehammer Training - Part II - (Video Included)
Sledgehammer Training - (Video Included)
Rope Climbing
Band Sprints - (Video Included)
Intensifying The Heavy Bag - (Video Included)
Freestanding Heavy Bag
Homemade Equipment and Training Links

General Training

Strength Training For Fighters
Juggle Your Way To Improved Performance
Training The Hands
Train The Body, The Mind Will Follow
Indoor Conditioning Options
The Importance of Variety
Pre-Fight Supplement
A Twist To Complex Training - (Video Included)
Tabata Intervals
Do Not Confuse Strength With Conditioning
Train With Your Mouthpiece
The World Today
Boxing Training Articles

Sample Workouts

Work Capacity 101 - (Video Included)
Sequential Fatigue Challenge
Quality Over Quantity
Carry, Run, and Press
Burpee Conditioning
25 Repetition Roulette
The Interval Challenge
The Magic 50
No Excuses
Deck of Cards