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 Post subject: Homemade Equipment Links
 Post Posted: Mon May 08, 2006 3:57 pm 
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* Core Training
* Strength Training Equipment
* Grip Training
* Odd Object Training
* Medicine Balls
* Suspension Trainers
* Bodyweight and Gymnastic Based
* Sleds
* Combat Sports Equipment
* Online Timers
* Miscellaneous Equipment Ideas
* Additional Equipment Sites


Core Training

Slider Exercise Tutorial ... -tutorial/

Homemade Double Wheels (for rollouts)

Homemade Double Wheels (recent updates) ... el-update/

DIY Ramp for Wheel Progressions ... th-a-ramp/

DIY Ramp For Wheel Progressions Part 2 ... -tutorial/

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Strength Training Equipment

DIY Neck Harness (older version) ... k-harness/

DIY Neck Harness (newer version) ... k-harness/

Homemade Dip Belt ... made-belt/

DIY Dip Station ... ation.html

Homemade Isometric tool ... tric-tool/

Isometric training tool - Video tutorial ... new-video/

Homemade Isometric tool - Part 2 (portable unit) ... ol-part-2/

Variety of tools (dip station, power wheel, macebell)

Homemade Power Rack ... -rack.html

Homemade Squat Stands
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Homemade Adjustable Squat Safety Rack
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

T-Handle For Swings ... i.T-Handle

T-Handle Exercise Tutorial

Homemade Hamstring Device ... ng-device/

Homemade Hamstring Device - Part II ... -tutorial/

Homemade (pipe) Dumbbell Handles (2 options)

viewtopic.php?t=33251 ... cle-clamps

Homemade Bars (Several Shown)

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Grip Training

Thick Handle Dumbbells ... dumbbells/

More Thick Handle Ideas ... k-bar.html ... rbell.html

Fat Bar (Barbell)

Softball Pull-up Grips ... -pull-ups/

Rice bucket (grip work) ... ce-bucket/

DIY Axle Mounted Wrist Roller ... st-roller/

DIY Suspended Wrist Roller ... -tutorial/

Homemade Finger/Thumb Exerciser ... -tutorial/

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Odd Object Training

Large Tires For Flipping ... and-using/

Smaller Tire Exercises ... -training/

Tire Dummy

Sandbag construction

Additional sandbag options - Version 1

Additional sandbag options - Version 2

Sandbag construction (with rubber mulch) - Video tutorial

Sandbag construction (with wood pellets) - Video tutorial (pea gravel could be used similarly)

Inexpensive Sandbag Loading Platform

Water Ball Construction

Water Ball - Video Tutorial

How To Open A Keg ... w-to-open/

Homemade Bulgarian Training Bag

DIY Strongman Log ... n_log.html

Homemade Slosh Pipe ... able_slos/

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Medicine Balls

Medicine ball ... ball-plans

More detailed Medicine Ball Info ... LAMMER.pdf

Medicine ball video tutorial

Medicine ball rebounder (tire) ... rebounder/

Heavy Tornado Ball (includes video demo) ... do-ball-2/

Homemade Tornado Ball 2

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Suspension Trainers

Suspension Trainer Tutorial - NEW

Suspension Trainer Tutorial Update (Slipping Straps) - NEW

Homemade Suspension Trainer - Part 1 ... n-trainer/

Homemade Suspension Trainer - Part 2 ... r-part-ii/

Another Suspension Trainer with door anchor tips ... or-anchor/

Another DIY Suspension Trainer ... n-trainer/

Yet Another DIY Suspension Trainer

Homemade Suspension Straps

Suspension Trainer Door Anchor ... or-anchor/

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Bodyweight and Gymnastic Based

Jump rope handle modification with video ... ification/

Homemade Gymnastic Rings - Video tutorial

Homemade pull-up bar

Homemade pull-up bar video tutorial

Pull-up Bar Station ... p_station/

Doorway pull-up handles ... p-handles/

Homemade Parallettes

Handstand Pushup Handles ... p-handles/

Handstand Pushup Handles - VIDEO TUTORIAL

Homemade Strength Apparatus

Homemade Rope Ladder (similar to post above) ... pe-ladder/

Homemade Weighted Vest ... eight-vest

Homemade Incline Sit-up Bench

Homemade Glute-Ham Option ... -developer

Another Homemade Glute-ham option ... -training/

DIY Reverse Hyper

Another DIY Reverse Hyper ... nsion.html

Rope Climb Suppliers (within article):

Outdoor Pull-up Station ... p-station/

Outdoor Pull-up Station II ... p-station/

PVC Based Gym ... -pvc-pipe/

Making a Fast Rope for Climbing ... -climbing/

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Homemade Dragging Sled

More Push Sled Ideas ... led-ideas/

Homemade Prowler Sled ... wler-sled/

The Mauler Sled ... uler-sled/

Tire Sled ... tire-sled/

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Combat Sport Equipment

Homemade Punching Bag and Stand ... and-stand/

Tennis Ball Reaction Training Tool ... ng-part-2/

Maize Ball (Slip Bag) ... -slip-bag/

Double end bag anchor ... ag-anchor/

Inexpensive Speed Bag Platform ... -platform/

Homemade kicking machine

Tire used for punching bag

Tire punching bag tutorial

Homemade Grappling Dummy

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Online Timers

Homemade Timer 1

Homemade Timer 2

Homemade Timer 3 ... val-timer/

Homemade Timer 4 (several)

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Miscellaneous Equipment Ideas

Band Handle For Loop Style Bands ... d-handles/

Backyard Exercise Station

Adjustable Box Jump Stand ... -jump.html

Homemade Clubbell

DIY Foam Roller

Homemade mini-weights ... i-weights/

Homemade Dard

Free motion cycling rollers ... ng-Rollers

Homemade Rowing Machine ... tness.aspx

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Additional Equipment Sites

Each link in this section includes instructions to several unique tools. Search through these links to find ideas for almost any piece of equipment. ... grunt.html ... pmentIdeas

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If you have more links, email them to me. Let's keep everything in once place. I can update the sticky.


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