Full Throttle Conditioning

Full Throttle Conditioning

This package includes a 108 minute video and a 91 page electronic book. The video is available as a DVD or digital download.

Within the training video, Ross details and demonstates his conditioning philosophy. You'll see him use simplistic tools to create intense and effective conditioning workouts. Expect to be challenged as you learn a proven, effective, and efficient conditioning system.

The 91 page e-book is backed with peer reviewed research, addressing topics such as the following:
As reviewed in MMA UNLTD Magazine:

Designed specifically for the combat athlete in mind but beneficial for anyone interested in improving their strength and conditioning, Ross has put his practice into theory and produced an excellent training manual accompanied by a thoroughly explanatory DVD with two hours of footage...

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I have been Boxing & Kickboxing for over 16 years now, in that time, two of those years were spent living, training and competing in Thailand. Also, I have won various titles in Kickboxing which include - British (1995), European (1999) & World (2000) Championship honors, and I have represented Great Britain on numerous occasions overseas...

I now own a Boxing/Kickboxing Gymnasium and Shop in the U.K. Over the years I have seen and heard many self proclaimed guru's who like to tell us fighters how to train, however you are one of a small group of elite people, who have been there and practice what you preach, you still push yourself day in and day out!

Your training methods and advice help me and my fighters in our quest to improve. Thank you so much for all your help and support.

Andre Daltrey

I got my DVD, and LOVE it!! Awesome man! I brought it to the CrossFit North Atlanta gym and played it on our computer monitor on the main floor. Our lift trainer (actually weight-trains the GT football team) really, really liked it (watched the whole thing while we were working out).

I have the book sitting out too and everyone marvels at the stuff that they KNOW I will be throwing at them when they least expect it.

Thank you!

Kath Knox
CrossFit North Atlanta

I received your Full Throttle Conditioning materials on Monday and have already watched and read them. Another GREAT effort...

As an independent consultant, I work hard to assure that I educate my clients to handle the situations they hire me to address. It's my belief that a good consultant trains his clients, enabling them to deal with the issues they face without continued assistance. In my opinion, a good consultant does not create dependency, and that's exactly what I like about your approach. You may or may not consider yourself a consultant, but you certainly give us the tools and the education we need to do things for ourselves and encourage us to do it. You are not creating dependencies. For that I thank you.

It is extremely refreshing to find another professional in another field who isn't focused on creating dependencies... Who realizes that imparting knowledge to empower others will yield greater results for all in the end. You've earned a loyal customer and I will certainly remain a huge "Ross fan", which means - among other things - that I will continue to promote your efforts online and elsewhere.

Roy E. Hamme

Pure Content

This program is packed with content. The video is 1 hour and 48 minutes of instruction. The e-book is 91 pages of content. It is not a picture book, nor is it a book loaded with irrelevant filler. It is a content rich program backed with peer reviewed research.

If you are looking to enhance your conditioning, this package will offer a lifetime of challenges. Perhaps most importantly however, you will learn how to create your own program, specific to your unique needs.

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