Infinite Intensity

Infinite Intensity Infinite Intensity will change the way athletes approach training. This program integrates a lifetime of in the trenches experience, coupled with years of extensive research.

Don't expect a picture book filled with secret exercises or bogus promises. There is nothing new under the sun. This 250 page manual will outline a complete system, from A to Z, covering all aspects of physical training.

The philosophy behind this program is simple. If it works, we will use it. This program is not limited to one training style (ex. bodyweight exercise vs. weight training). This manual incorporates the best of both worlds.

A sample 50 day routine is provided which applies the principles detailed throughout the manual.

Topics Include

Infinite Intensity will enable the athlete to optimize strength and endurance based on the unique needs of the individual. This program will teach you how and why to incorporate strength training and conditioning, without allowing one objective to interfere with another.

Sample Movements

Below are a just a handful of sample movements contained within this program. We will make the most of each training modality. Dumbbells, bodyweight exercise, and sandbags are just a few items found on the training menu.

one arm pushup

pistol squat

dumbbell snatch

one arm chin-up

plyometric jump

Available As Instant Download (PDF)

This program is packed with 250 pages of pure content and is available as an instant download.

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