Jump Rope Training DVD

Jump Rope Conditioning For Athletes

This package includes a 113 minute video about jump rope training and a 44 page electronic book. The video is available as a DVD or digital download.

Within the video, you will learn how and why the jump rope has stood the test of time as one of the most valuable conditioning tools available to athletes. No other conditioning tool will simultaneously develop so many attributes. While conditioning yourself with the rope, you will also enhance qualities such as coordination, agility, footwork, balance, and more.

This jump rope training video will teach you several turning styles, ranging from beginner to advanced. There are no prerequisites in terms of ability. I start by teaching the first turn of the rope and progress towards several more difficult turning styles. I also discuss equipment considerations, common mistakes made with the rope, and more.

Maybe it's a lifetime spent in the fight game, but Ross's straight to camera no nonsense delivery is completely engaging. It's like you are there, getting one to one time with your own coach...

Rannoch Donald
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You're going to love it (Jump Rope Conditioning). So much information. I've been digesting it in small bites. Watching a little, testing it out, and getting comfortable with it before moving on. Don't be in hurry with this, it's too good to rush through. Savor every bit of it.

Howie Brewer
Kettlebells NY

Just a note to say I just received my jump rope conditioning DVD in the last week or so & the results have been instant! For years I've skipped using the double bounce however after watching the introductory section I can do the alternate foot skip. All this within one session.

Next stage is bringing in the high knees & sprinting on the spot! I'm also away next week on business & can't wait to start using the workouts from Never Gymless.

Both products are excellent and a bargain at that.

Yours in friendship,
Gordon Price

Many thanks for the great product Ross!

How you manage to make 2 hrs of rope skipping instruction so clear, simple and thorough, yet still keep it so interesting, is nothing short of amazing...

In short, you've put together an outstanding piece of work that has really changed the way I view this simple conditioning tool.

Thanks again,
Philip Brown

I just wanted to say thanks so much for putting together that DVD on jump rope training, it was outstanding. As someone who relies so much on the rope, you have no idea how much that helps me. I'm one of those individuals who thought that after mastering double unders that was the end of the road, now I have so many more variations to practice. Again, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom because it will help me tremendously throughout the years ahead.

Sincerely your fan from Arvada, Colorado

Patrick K. Cox, Jr.

Jump Rope Trailer

As for the skills that you will learn, a brief demonstration can be seen below. Please note that this footage does NOT reflect the speed at which turning styles are taught within the actual video. Demonstrations are performed slowly with detailed discussions to avoid any confusion.

Electronic Book

In addition to the video, you will receive a 44 page electronic book that includes a detailed FAQ along with 20 sample jump rope workouts. The FAQ is divided into equipment based questions and training related questions.

Jump Rope Training

Both the video and e-book are filled with content. There is no irrelevant filler. From beginning to end, you will learn how to make the most of your jump rope training.

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